What We Believe

Hotels Matter

The hotel you choose may be one of the single most important aspects of your travel. A poor choice means opportunities missed, added frustration and money wasted. The right hotel is an experience in itself.

Make it Easy

Planning a trip can be a great experience – or an overwhelming one. Poring over hundreds of online reviews in a meaningful way can be a daunting task. We’ve done all the work so you don’t have to.

Keep it Honest

Our recommendations are 100% independent. We never take any money from hotels in any form. Ever. That’s how we can promise you an honest, unbiased review of every hotel that we recommend.

You're Unique

We know every individual has their own travel style and budget. That’s why we offer different and distinct hotels in each city. Our “best-of” lists feature hotels in most price points and in many different genres.

Our Commitment to You

We’re travelers too. Our goal is to bring the fun, excitement and wonder back into selecting the perfect place to rest your head. You have our 100% commitment that every hotel we recommend is a place that we would love to stay.

How We Choose the Top 40

Choosing the top 40 hotels in each of our featured cities is no easy task. Our team of researchers and editors goes to great lengths to find the real story behind each hotel to ensure you have a great experience. Because it matters where you stay.


Only hotels that are in close proximity to the heart of the city make our list. You want to be near theaters, restaurants, museums and other city attractions, so we start by selecting only those hotels that are close to everything you want to see and experience.


We then make a broad sweep to eliminate many options because they simply don’t meet our basic criteria. Sub-standard hotels, motels, convention-style hotels and hostels are eliminated to ensure we recommend only unique and special properties.


With the remaining list, our research team goes to work. We spend hundreds of hours looking into each option in great detail. We consult leading travel authorities, review the photos, and see what actual guests have to say about each hotel.

Pick the Best

Only the very best hotels in each city make our list. You can feel confident in your choice whether you book a hotel that is budget or a big spend; modern or mid-century; eclectic or extravagant. Because of our proven process, you can rest assured.

The Numbers

15000+ Reviews Analyzed
1300+ Research Hours
2400+ Hotels Evaluated
200 Hotels Selected

I’ve always loved unique hotels in fabulous cities. And I believe that picking the perfect hotel is essential for a great trip. I started UltimateHotels.com to help travelers find the perfect place to stay quickly and efficiently. You can count on UltimateHotels.com to help you find the perfect hotel for your next stay, just like a trusted friend.

Paul Founder

Our Promise

At UltimateHotels.com, we believe that the choice of the perfect hotel is one of the most important decisions you make when traveling. We’ve found that in our own hotel search, the challenge isn’t lack of information – it’s too much information. It’s difficult if not impossible to wade through the myriad of hotel choices in a single city. For example, if you type ‘New York’ into Expedia, you’ll get 800+ hotels to consider.  That’s overwhelming, takes too much time and ruins the excitement of travel planning.

You can trust UltimateHotels.com to help you find the perfect hotel, because all of the hotels we recommend share three important characteristics: top-rated by a broad array of leading travel experts, close to the city’s main attractions and unique in personality and style.



Our ranking system digs deep to find the real story behind each hotel. We consult trusted sources and the most respected brands in the travel industry as well as the reviews of guests who have stayed at the hotels. We spend hundreds of hours researching from a variety of different sources to be able to confidently recommend the top hotels in each city.

Our guide is written by travelers for travelers. We know that a great hotel can make a wonderful trip – and a poor choice can ruin your travels. Each of our hotels are centrally located in the heart of the city, are top-rated by travel experts and hotel visitors alike; and are hand-selected by our editorial team.

You bet! We are on track to launch five new cities in the US for our 2017 guide – and then it’s on to major global destinations like London, Rome and Buenos Aires. We’ll continue to add new cities every year to accommodate your wanderlust. Check back often for the very best hotels in new cities.

We review and refresh our Top 40 list every year. Hotels that previously didn’t make the cut may be added, while hotels that have gone down in service, ambiance and quality will be taken off the list. In this way, you can always be confident that you’re getting an up-to-date list of the very best hotels in each city.