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Read on to learn more about the ‘Top 40 Hotel’ award and how to ensure our users have the most up-to-date information and pictures of your property.


The ‘Top 40 Hotel’ award provides third party, objective validation that your hotel has consistently achieved top-ratings from travelers around the globe – and that your property is unique and individual.

The ‘Top 40 Hotel’ award truly must be earned. is an independent travel guide that accepts no advertising or paid listings from hotels. This way we ensure our recommendations to travelers are unbiased and that hotels earn their recognition solely based on consistent top performance.


Being recognized on the website provides an additional channel through which savvy travelers can find you. We’re proud of, and the hotels that make our list.

Enhanced Brand

Being named one of the ‘Top 40 Hotels’ puts you in with very good company. Your property will no longer have to compete with hundreds of other properties for attention. You’ll be on a short list with other top-rated hotels in your city for travelers to select from.

Link to Your Official Website

A link to your official website is included on your profile page on along with your contact phone number so potential guests can access your hotel’s information directly.


We encourage you to promote your ‘Top 40 Award’ to begin receiving the benefits of your accomplishment and recognition. We suggest the best place to start is online where it will influence travelers most.

Official Website

One of the most effective ways to tell the world about your achievement is to mention the ‘Top 40 Hotel’ award on your official website.

Social Channels

Engage with existing followers and create new ones by sharing the ‘Top 40 Hotel’ recognition across your social channels. It’s easy to create a series of posts highlighting your achievement. The possibilities are endless and ongoing!

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Press Release

A press release to local and regional media is an excellent way to showcase your achievement. We would be happy to collaborate with you on this release, provide customized quotes as well as co-promote. Send us a note at to partner on a release.


We want to ensure our users have the most up-to-date and accurate information about your hotel. You’re encouraged to review your hotel’s listing on on a regular basis and let us know if anything has changed or if we have our facts wrong.

While we will always strive to ensure factual accuracy with your property’s listing, editorial content related to your hotel is at the discretion of We will gladly accept suggestions on edits that will allow us to portray your property in a more engaging and factual way.

You can send us a note at with your revised information and we’ll update it right away.


Consumer research overwhelmingly supports the fact that photos are one of the most important decision criteria for how travelers choose a hotel. We’d like to make sure that we have the latest and best images that your property has to offer.

Home Page Showcase

If you’d like to have your property’s image appear on the homepage – send us your top images for consideration. The image dimensions must be at least 1400×800. Images on our site’s homepage will be rotated out on a consistent cycle to maintain the visual appeal of our site.

Profile Page Pictures

These are the main pictures of your hotel on and we’d like them to visually tell the unique story of your property in the best way. We will be happy to update your profile pictures as often as new ones become available. Images must be at least 1200×600 to be utilized. Send images to The maximum file size of attachments is limited to 20MB. You can also send via wetransfer. JPEGs are preferred.

Methodology utilizes a proprietary methodology to pick the ‘Top 40 Hotels’ award winners. Our methodology consists of a series of six distinct phases that include both quantitative research analysis and editorial review.

Step #1 Hotel Identification

Our research team’s first job is to identify the full set of available hotel options in any given city. We identify available hotel options by using a meta-analysis of available hotels from a minimum of five major OTA and booking sites (e.g.,, TripAdvisor, Expedia, etc.).

Step #2 Mapping

The next step is to use a customized Google Maps application to plot available hotel options relative to a grid that identifies areas of the city where the majority of popular tourist, cultural, dining and shopping options are located. The goal is to ensure the hotels are ‘centrally-located’ and within a reasonable distance from the most popular parts of the city.

Step #3 Elimination

Our editors then review each property remaining and eliminate those accommodations that are hostels, small inns, Bed & Breakfasts, short-term rentals, membership-based hotels and properties that cater primarily to groups or convention guests.

Step #4 Meta-Rating Analysis

For the next step in the process our researchers begin crunching review scores for each of the remaining hotels across 5+1 top-tier booking and review sites. For each individual hotel, our researchers identify the current rating from sites like, Expedia,, Kayak, Trivago, etc. Any rating with less than 25 reviews is not considered.

We then consult TripAdvisor as an additional reference to ensure the widest survey of rating scores by travelers. After the numbers are aggregated the hotels are then stacked ranked based upon total aggregated review score.

Once the hotels are stacked ranked based upon combined review scores, the hotels in the bottom 50% are eliminated.

Step #5 Editorial Review

During the next step our editors conduct an individual review of each property. This consists of a full read of the hotel’s official website, review of official and traveler photographs, examination of recent press and media coverage, review of recent verified reviews across several OTA sites and a survey of the hotel’s location relative to popular attractions and nightlife. Hotels are given a score of 1-5 on each element and then stacked ranked. Hotels in the bottom 33% are eliminated.

Step #6 Final Top 40 Selection

For the final step of selecting the ‘Top 40 Hotels’ award winners our editors painstakingly review each of the remaining hotels and carefully select the optimum mix of forty best-of-the-best hotels that represent a diverse range of hotel styles, neighborhoods and price points.

With the goal of providing travelers a short list of top-rated, centrally-located and unique hotels, our editors make their final selection of the ‘Top 40 Hotels’ award winners.