New York (NYC) Restaurant Guide

New York Restaurant Guide

For those who love to eat, there is no place in the world like New York City. NYC is home to thousands of restaurants and bars. A person can spend their entire life dining out and never run out of options. NYC has an exciting culinary culture that makes it a paradise for diners.

Here are our Top 10 Resources for finding the best places to eat in NYC!

#1 The New York Times

When it comes to local restaurant reviews, The New York Times does it as well as any other newspaper. From neighborhood joints to the best of fine dining, the NY Times offers reviews for restaurants in every category. The newspaper website also offers a convenient restaurant search option that allows readers to find restaurants based on ratings, neighborhood, budget and cuisine.

#2 NY Mag

The NY Mag offers a wealth of information on the best places to eat in NYC. Readers can find reviews for restaurants in every price range and cuisine, critic’s picks, recently opened restaurants and food guides to find the best burgers, comfort food, coffee and much more in the city.

#3 The Village Voice

The Village Voice’s Food & Drinks Section makes it a breeze to find the best restaurants in New York. Other than the latest restaurant reviews and food-related news, the website also has a restaurant search option. The food guide section on the website offers several excellent Best of NYC lists that help find the best brunches, bars, beers and more in the city.

#4 Checkmark Eats

Checkmark Eats, named by the Huffington Post as one of the best food blogs in NY, offers all the restaurant information and reviews in one place. Alex Reichek’s food blog shares the latest on NYC’s culinary scene with in-depth and fun reviews of bakeries, restaurants, fine dining establishments and casual eateries along with many top lists.

#5 Restaurant Girl

Danyelle Freeman, the Restaurant Girl, has received attention from countless media outlets like, the New York Post and Dr. Oz. On the website, Danyelle provides honest restaurant reviews for every neighborhood in the city, every cuisine and budget range. The website also offers the latest gourmet gossip, best of lists and personal favorites.

#6 The Strong Buzz

Andrea Strong is a corporate lawyer turned food writer who writes about restaurant reviews, menu trends, late night dives and hot spots. Her work has appeared in the New York Post, Travel & Leisure, Conde Nast and Food & Wine. On The Strong Buzz, Andrea offers detailed restaurant reviews with personable, warm style, weekend dining guides and the latest food news.

#7 The Infatuation

The Infatuation was started by two friends to provide useful and entertaining restaurant reviews to help people find that perfect spot for any occasion. Other than excellent restaurant reviews and guides, the website’s Friday Fives section also provides recommendations from well-known personalities like Bobby Flay and Neil Patrick Harris.

#8 NYC.Com

 NYC.Com’s restaurant section helps readers find the best of the best in NYC. The website categorizes restaurants based on cuisine and neighborhood. Readers can also find popular choices, staff picks and an overwhelming number of best of lists.

#9 Yelp

Yelp helps users find the best restaurants in New York along with reviews from diners. The advanced search options allow users to find restaurants based on cuisine, neighborhood, price and features like waiter service, delivery service and wheelchair accessibility.

#10 Zagat

Zagat offers a quick and easy way to search for restaurants in New York City. Other than restaurant ratings and reviews, the website also has information on new openings, the latest buzz in the NYC food scene and guides to help users find the hottest places to dine in the city.