San Francisco Restaurant Guide

San Francisco Restaurant Guide

San Francisco is a city known for its highly innovative, fresh and exciting dining scene. With magnificent local produce and easy access to fresh seafood, it comes as no surprise that the city is home to some fantastic farm-to-table restaurants, high-end Michelin star establishments as well as hip food trucks.

Here are our Top 10 Resources for finding the best places to eat in San Francisco!

#1 The San Francisco Chronicle

The SF Chronicle’s Top 100 Restaurants List is perhaps the most comprehensive guide to the best restaurants in the area. Food critic Michael Bauer presents a list of carefully curated restaurants in every budget category. Readers can also explore this list by region, cuisine, top classics, top burgers and by several other categories.

#2 SF Gate

SF Gate’s Food section keeps readers updated about new restaurant openings, closures and detailed reviews. SF Gate also has a comprehensive guide category that provides readers many food guides such as theater dining guides, best doughnuts in the area, favorite pizza spots and more. Whether you’re looking for the next best restaurant to visit or the best Margarita in town, SF Gate is a good place to get the information

#3 SF Examiner

The Food & Dining section at SF Examiner not only provides restaurant reviews but information about what’s new in the city, food events, what’s on the menu at some of the best restaurants in the city and much more.

#4 CynEats

Cynthia from is one of the top food bloggers in San Francisco. On her blog, Cynthia chronicles her dining journey throughout the city while offering her honest opinion on every establishment she visits. Her blog covers restaurants in every price range and every cuisine. (More: Instagram/Twitter)

#5 Table Hopper

Marcia Gagliardi, the author of Table Hopper, is known as San Francisco’s culinary concierge. She’s written for and Travel + Leisure among other magazines and websites. On Table Hopper, Marcia offers a list of the top 10 restaurants in SF along with detailed reviews of the newest and the most popular restaurants in the city.

#6 Bay Area Bites

KQED’s food blog, Bay Area Bites, offers readers food-related news, restaurant reviews and stories from the San Francisco area. The blog offers detailed, unbiased restaurant reviews complete with what to order at each restaurant and photographs that make it easier to pick that perfect restaurant for each occasion and every budget. Bay Area Bites also has comprehensive lists and food guides to help find favorite Asian comfort restaurants, lesser known gems and juice bars.

#7 Chowhound

Chowhound allows readers to find the best cafes, bars and restaurants in the San Francisco area based on preferred locations, meal type and cuisine. Readers can read reviews by other diners and browse by tags for customized results.

#8 OpenTable

OpenTable has over 1400 restaurants listed for the San Francisco Bay Area. Readers can discover the newest restaurants in the city, the most reviewed restaurants, find restaurant menus, read reviews by other diners and book a table through the site.

#9 SF Eater

SF Eater offers a visually stunning guide to the best places to eat in San Francisco. The website covers new openings, restaurant reviews and definitive guides that helps readers find the best places for doughnuts, breakfasts, best drinks and best places to find bottomless drinks in SF.

#10 Time Out

Time Out San Francisco helps readers find the best restaurants, bars and nightlife in the city along with editor’s picks. Time Out inspires its readers to experience the best of San Francisco through its detailed reviews and its carefully curated lists and critic’s picks. Whether you are looking for the best Pho in the city or the newest trendy bar in San Francisco, Time Out has the latest dining news available.